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This is a story of struggle, sadness, disappointments, and achievements of a young artist called Vincent, who is constantly in trouble with his graffiti in his school life. Then he meets a friend, Thomas, and both study hard for university.

With Vincent’s dad lost in Bosnia, presumed dead, the social effects from conflict to happy moments in his struggle to achieve are reflected in this story.

It traces the life of a young artist making good his talents and becoming involved in antiques that takes him into mainland Europe, seeking Hitler’s hidden treasurers and on to Egypt and Cairo only to be confronted with murder and mysteries of a pendant believed to be cursed that was presented to the family many years earlier.

The story covers two generations that inherit intrigue and murder with strange beliefs and speaks of the lies of those in power, seeking greater powers, and the trust of employees and friends who are stretched to protect their employer in a family business.

A Grandad series of books to delight children and adults alike – the author takes one through various stages of life from childhood to adulthood, through adventure and sorrows, from good times to disappointments in the world of art and antiques.
The author of Paint Me a Picture, Grandad, Make Me Laugh, Grandad, Oosterbeek, Will of Austun, Tell Me a Story Grandad, and My Boy Blink, now brings you More than a Vignette
The author has travelled extensively through Europe and gained a scholarship to Oxford university.
With two daughters and one son, seven grandchildren, one great-grandchild, he is now retired adopts his time to writing and the love of art, trying to maintain satisfaction and knowledge in pursuit of happiness and achievement.
His published books are called the Grandad Series, and like all his books, they are most suitable for children and adults alike. More than a Vignette is written with accepted mannerisms peppered with intrigue and disappointments of lust and greed, a story that could be true in the antique and art business world of today.
Nev White
A Grandad Series
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781483687698
List price: $5.99
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