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Punk rock ethics and philosophy are to question everything, do not except things just because you are told to do so, but instead learn about them yourself so that YOU can make your own decisions. And contrary to popular belief Punk is not about being lazy, it's about D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself). It's about not conforming to the norm! Punk rock also has a very freestyle spirit, it’s about being different, distinct, not like everybody else! This is what originally attracted me to Punk rock and later the Gothic rock movement.
Being L.D.S. (Latter-day Saint) is also about questioning everything, up to and including our eternal heavenly father. It’s about not being what the world expects you to be. But instead standing up for what is right and not ignoring what is wrong! And through the course of this, being different and distinct is a way of life in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If this is not Punk Rock, I don’t know what is?
This is my story that has taken me from Catholicism to Mormonism, from Paganism to Buddhism and from crazy punk rock insanity to dark, morbid, gothic rock death & gloom. Then on to Pentecostal/Evangelical Christianity and finally back to just me and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
It’s a story about searching for answers, especially the age, old questions of: who are we? Where do we come from? And where do we go after we die?
It’s about trusting our heavenly father and realizing that Jesus Christ really loves us and deeply cares about our well being both temporal and spiritual. Most importantly it’s about developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he is here for us no matter what we do and wants us to be happy and for this reason died for us, so that we could be set free. To give us a chance to be happy, to be with him...
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