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The Dark War, is the fourth book in The Valley, series. In the third book, The Challenge of Palakrine, we read of the preparations of all Domains, for the battle with what was thought to be the greatest of power in the Dark Magic. The power that frightened Mike as no other had. We learned of the unique powers of the children. The reason they possessed those powers and how they would be used. How each, young and old, would face the battle with the Dark Ruler.

Here, in The Dark War, you can find the results of a missed chance, and what becomes of the child of Palakrine who had not been destroyed as thought. To be faced with the possessed drive of Zachia, to finish what had not been, concerning that child of Palakrine. Learn what those of the Realm and other Domains find, hidden in a city of Dark Magic. You can share in the plans of the younger ones that must battle the newest of threat to Rightful Magic. You can learn of the loves that develop between the younger ones, who are no longer children and how the parents must face the reality of those loves. Come share the truths of the younger ones, and the similarity of those truths to their parents. Find out how all must face the hands of time, that cannot, and will not, be denied. Here, we find a new Overseer of the Realm!

In 1948, a child was born. He didn’t know what his future held and he wouldn’t have believed it if he had known. As he grew, he learned that life can be hard, and yet, it could hold its own, varying types magic. Age has given him the ability to tell of this magic. To tell how and why it exists. M. W. Kohler is now retired and living in south western Oregon, and telling of this wonderful, and sometimes frightening thing called Magic. Come, journey with those of the magical Domains and feel as they do, as you can, if you let yourself.

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ISBN: 9781491704301
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