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Growing Rich: A Novel

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Satan tempts mortal man and woman in Fay Weldon’s witty and wildly inventive riff on Doctor Faustus
Selling one’s soul to the devil takes on new meaning in this fiendishly clever page-turner by Fay Weldon. Once upon a time, in the dullest town imaginable, there lived three girls: Laura, the pretty one; Annie, the one desperate to escape; and Carmen, the one who catches the devil’s eye. She’s sixteen when Bernard Bellamy spies her from the back seat of his big, black BMW. He’s just made a bargain with Mephistopheles himself: his mortal soul in exchange for the fulfillment of his desires. And he wants Carmen to be his wife. As time passes, inexplicable things happen to Carmen, Laura, and Annie. But Carmen is determined to hang on to her soul, no matter what obstacles—and temptations—are erected in her path. Will she succumb? Only the devil knows . . .

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