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Lieberman's Thief

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An Edgar Award–winning author steals the show again in “a beautifully calibrated mix of wit, suspense, and quiet honesty” (The Washington Post Book World).
It should have been an easy score—a suburban house on a quiet cul-de-sac, with the owners scheduled to be gone all night. But career burglar George Patniks has chosen the wrong time to go breaking and entering, because tonight Harvey Rozier will murder his wife. Patniks is the only witness to the brutal killing, but of course he can’t go to the police.
Wise, world-weary Homicide Det. Abe Lieberman has been lied to a lot in his long career on the Chicago police force. Rozier’s claim of a robbery-gone-wrong just doesn’t add up, but Lieberman needs hard evidence to confirm his gut instinct. Along with his partner, Bill Hanrahan, Lieberman is looking for a break—and he just might get one . . . if the killer doesn’t catch the thief first.
“Outstanding . . . Another stellar performance, alight with menace and compassion.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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