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The Life and Loves of a She Devil: A Novel

291 pages4 hours


The basis for the movie She-Devil starring Meryl Streep: “A novel of blazingly hot revenge . . . Heaven [has] no rage like love turned to hate” (New York Magazine).
Ruth loves her husband, Bobbo, a handsome, successful accountant. But Bobbo has fallen in love with Mary Fisher, a bestselling romance novelist who lives in a high tower overlooking the sea, pampered by her young, virile manservant. Mary is petite, dainty, and lovely. He tells Ruth about his affair and when Ruth reacts badly, he promptly moves out. In turn, Ruth decides to orchestrate a fiendish and masterful revenge.  The Life and Loves of a She Devil is a masterpiece about love, hate, infidelity, corrosive envy, and the best kind of revenge.

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