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Until The Celebration

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In the final Green Sky novel, the Erdlings and the Kindar have been united, but keeping the peace will be the most difficult challenge yet.
 Raamo, Pomma, and Teera have succeeded. They have torn down the lies told by the Ol-zhaan and united the Erdlings with the Kindar. The truth has won out. But why does winning feel so much like losing? Old habits and ideas die hard. While Raamo and his fellow child-heroes are worshipped for the Rejoyning, distrust still hangs over the Erdlings and Kindar like an ominous cloud. The societies above and below the forests’ roots have discovered something new: Knowing the truth is easy, but living with the truth is hard. Resistance groups are growing, and violence threatens to poison the promise of peace. Can Raamo, Pomma, and Teera unite Green-sky before it’s too late? This ebook features an extended biography of Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

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