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Length: 429 pages6 hours


Detective Inspector Aden Vanner is back on the case
Nights often turn out differently than you expect them to—an observation made many times by maverick detective Aden Vanner. Since his demotion from the rank of detective chief inspector, Vanner’s been drowning his sorrows at the local pub, debating what to do next. But when he’s savagely beaten by a couple of unknown assailants, Vanner’s decision is made for him. These aren’t your garden-variety thugs: They have connections . . . deep ones. As Vanner discovers the reasons behind his beating, he must lead a drug task force in tracking down the ecstasy and acid suppliers responsible. Informed by his research with the Metropolitan Police Department, Jeff Gulvin brings readers into London with a level of detail that is both frightening and unforgettable.  Sorted is the second thriller in the Aden Vanner trilogy, which also includes Close Quarters and Sleep No More.

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