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Standing Fast: A Novel

Length: 919 pages14 hours


A masterful novel of political progressives making their way—and not—in an ever-changing postwar America

For Marty Dworkin and his band of young Trotskyist dreamers in Buffalo, New York, the vision of a just, socialist world crumbles with the rise of Stalin and the chaos of World War II. In the two decades that follow, Dworkin and his idealistic colleagues strive to establish a new political party and battle through unexpected trials with family, work, aging, and the changing world.   They run up against an increasingly conservative America and a thriving materialism directly opposed to their own fervent beliefs. They emerge humbled, but still hopeful, into the 1960s, when civil rights struggles and anti-war radicalism move to center stage.   Standing Fast is a classic, panoramic portrait of life amid the shattered dreams and visionary ambitions of the American left.  

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