Reader reviews for Short Money

A prequil to Hauptman's "Drawing Dead" with ex cop, Joe Crow as the central character.Joe has managed to get himself fired from policework and his brother-in-law, Davie Getter, gets him a job as bodyguard to Dr. Nelson Bellweather (Nellie Bellie), who is a trophy hunter with stuffed animals hung on his wall.Nellie has enraged George and Ricky Murphy by something George's son, Shawn, tells them. The Murphy's want revenge on this slap to the family pride.Part of the stroy involves Talking Lake Ranch, owned by the Murphys and where they invite hunters to go after game that they have primed (made ready) for an easy kill.George's son kills Georges prized Elk and George had wanted to offer that Elk as a kill for $20,000. Now he wants to figure a way to make up for the loss.This dialogue driven story is reminiscent of some of Elmore Leonard's best and I had fun thinking of John Travolta in his role in Leonard's "Get Shorty" when I read about Joe Crow's exploits.Well written with humor and believable, if absurd, characters.Perfect for a rainey weekend.
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