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Close Quarters

Length: 515 pages7 hours


A woman has been murdered in a professional hit. Now the only question is Why?
At first glance, Jessica Turner seems every bit the typical London woman. Sure, she isn’t in the perfect relationship, but she still loves her man, Alec. So why, one rainy evening, was she cruelly gunned down on her front steps in a professional hit? This is the question that will haunt Detective Inspector Aden Vanner.  Close Quarters marks a rousing return to Jeff Gulvin’s rough London streets, beginning with Harlesden, the city’s traditionally Caribbean district, where Vanner is investigating a group of crack dealers. When he hears about Jessica’s murder, Vanner is pressed to find the connections that no one else can see. As he digs deeper into the case, he begins to find connections between her murder and the Harlesden gang, and between Alec, the IRA, and an old acquaintance with revenge on the mind.  Close Quarters is the third thriller in the Aden Vanner trilogy, which also includes Sorted and Sleep No More.

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