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Born and raised in Harlem, New York. Athletically active as a youngster in Harlem. Quite familiar with Harlem explicitly from 110th St to 155th St. My poems reflect my growing up days in Harlem. They go to the heart of life in Harlem during its hey day. It was during these times during the 40s and 50s Harlem was known as the “Mecca” for black life in America, long before any other city could lay claim to this title. My poems relate to the entertainment palaces, such as the Apollo and The Savoy Ballroom, the adolescent days of fun, the hazards and remembrances of people such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell and Shirley Chisolm. Appropriately the title of this collection is “Poetic Memories of Harlem USA” encompassing at least 70 memorable times, places and people. The title of some of the poems are “The Mecca”, “The Gypsies”, “Spanish Lady”, “Ole St. Nicholas”, “The Backyard”, “Coldwater Flats”, “Speakeasy”, “Numbers”, “Up on the Roof ”, “The Icebox”,” The Boogeyman” , etc. I have no doubt that the titles of many of my poems will resurrect the consciousness of those who have ever lived or visited Harlem and put my soul to rest that the time and energy to please those who have never been to Harlem will find them interesting, educational and informative.

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