Into the Heart of Reality
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Into the Heart of Reality, a series of spiritual reflections on God, nature, psychology and Islam, is written with suppleness, tenderness and intelligence. Author Safiullah’s poetic prose challenges us to look closely at the world we know – the world of sensation and emotion, the world of mistrust and infidelity-and go beyond it; to open our minds and souls to a new understanding of this temporal world.
—Blue Ink Review
Widely traveled debut author Safiullah aims to strike a life-changing chord about the true nature of reality. He attempts this through a series of brief commentaries on spiritual topics that counsel against pride, ingratitude, materialism, spiritual forgetfulness, a wagging tongue and pointless mental ruminations. He often assumes the role of teacher, dutifully backing up his assertions in commentaries that make specific reference to verses the sacred scriptures and to the teachings of the Prophet.
—Kirkus Reviews
Reading Into the Heart of Reality as a tool for prayer and reflection would work beautifully for those who enjoy using books for daily inspiration. All of the entries can stand alone; a reader can open the book to a random page and be assured of finding something meaningful to ponder. Safiullah writes like a poet dabbling in prose; when it fails, the deeper truth still shines, and when it works, it transcends.
—ForeWord Reviews, Clarion Review
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