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The streets had been buzzing steadily since Elvin Thomas Jones moved to town. Big, burly, with the strength of an ox, most students at the school sized him up as a real warlord. His nickname, Big Tom, didn’t help much either. Back in his elementary school he’d bullied a steady rotation of 3rd, 4th, and even 5th graders. But that was five years ago and Tom has made some major changes along the way to middle school.When Ed and his pals decided introduce themselves, the surprise they got had the power to change not only Unison Middle School, but the entire McComb community! After the introductions, neither Ed nor Big Tom realized that they were only days away from starting a movement. The Bully Brakers, a most realistic, highly informative, children’s novel is a Must Read for students, educators and parents. It takes an intense look a social, verbal, sexual, physical, and cyber bullying from inside the schools as told by those most involved- the students. Elementary, middle and high school students trying to get an education have found comfort and sound advice on how to handle overly aggressive behaviors in students at school. Teachers are set at ease as bullies, victims and bystanders learn their roles in the bullying situations. Students learn how to govern themselves and create an improved school climate as a result of this book. In addition, this educational creation takes an intense look at the urban community at large via parenting skills, community unity and teen behaviors. Parents are given strategies for how to handle unruly teens. The Bully Brakers also offers tips for how to address the cyber bully that may display violent tendencies away from school though the use of the Internet or other computerized devices. The Bully Brakers offers tips and strategies to curtail students’ violent behaviors in schools.
Published: BookBaby on Aug 23, 2013
ISBN: 9781483506876
List price: $3.99
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