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“Majorlabelland and Assorted Oddities” is comprised of an essay about hard rock bands in the eighties and nineties and their struggles with major record labels which resulted in several albums that have never been released. Interviews have been conducted with almost forty musicians from some two dozen bands and they all graciously agreed to chat about their career and the problems they encountered that ended some of their careers’ dead in its tracks. The book is also comprised of short stories that have been complied since the author was in college and they fi t the feel of the book: very antiestablishment and hovering on the fringes of society and conformity. Closing out the book are interviews done with several other musicians, most of which have never been published before. They are all intriguing because the musicians talk about facets of their career that they haven’t spoken about in years if at all. This book captures a time in the music industry when there were no rules.

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