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There are 96 narratives in Another River to Cross. I decided that the "Field of
Honour" deserved to be the first story in the book. It is about my visit to my
brother's grave site in Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetary in Normandy. He was
with the Royal Canadian Engineers and was killed, on June 6th, 1944, as he began
his task of clearing obstacles from Juno Beach.

There are humorous stories, sad stories, action stories, and some are of events
that took place on the periphery. Some accounts are descriptions of happenings
that are one of a kind and probably would not be read elsewhere. My experiences
are not exceptional and are probably the same as other front line soldiers and
certainly not as intense as those of the Infantry fighters. However I did have a
few close calls and certain actions will never leave my memory. I can still smell
the acrid odour of burning cordite from the shells exploding very close to me. it
was a time to pray for protection from above. I still think back to the time a V1
rocket (Buzz Bomb) landed, very close to me, many miles short of its intended
target. It exploded with a tremendous blast shaking the very foundations of
buildings along the street and left me bleeding from superficial cuts from flying

Read about "Washing Machine Charlie" (also known as "the Mad Major"), the lone
nightly visitor, a German pilot, harassing our area.

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