Thane Drummond was born in South Freetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the year World War II began. It was a time without electricity, without running water, without a telephone, and without motorized transportation. But times would soon change.

In the first of two parts, author Thane Drummond talks about growing up on a 100-acre farm in Freetown on Prince Edward Island. In this memoir, he tells about life as he remembers it from his family to school to friends and recreation. In the second section, Drummond traces his ancestry from Thomas Drummond, the original Drummond immigrant to Prince Edward Island in 1832, to the present day. The Old Days summarizes his ancestors’ lives and describes how they lived, reflecting on the mindset and the conditions at the time.

With photos included, this memoir provides both a glimpse of what life was like on Prince Edward Island at the beginning of WWII, while giving an overview of one family’s cherished history.

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