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In their summer holidays Sandra and Jamie visit a one-day summer course that takes them to a different world in a different time frame. They can stay there for weeks if they need to, and yet to the outside world it will only be one day. The purpose is to learn by experience that Love and Freedom, two things not taught in regular schools, are the foundation for a happy and carefree life. They can learn it in different ways as they soon find out. They start out in the lofty playground of Love and Freedom, but before they know it, they get lured into the dangerous playground of Real Freedom and Excitement, which is governed by fear and suppression.

They cannot just go back, first they need to find the tickets to get out of there. But how to find them in a place where nobody can be trusted? In the darkest moment they discover the secret to overcome their fears and find their way back to the playground of Love and Freedom. It turns out to be a life changing experience to them. From this day on the whole world looks pleasantly different…

The story has both joyful and rather scary adventures, all to demonstrate important lessons of life that can be applied when the school is over, both by the twins and by the reader. The story is accompanied by over sixty illustrations that fill in the details of the action and the environment.

Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781425182274
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