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No one leaves Eltemore—ever. It’s a place surrounded by trees and filled with secrets. Mia Maxwells lives in Eltemore. She once wondered about the mysteries of her hometown, but she wonders no longer. She is the Huntress, the most powerful person in the world … or so she’s been told.

Mia was created to save the supernatural realm of Under from being destroyed by the Shadow Casters, greedy creatures who wish to bring harm to the world. In order to stop the Shadow Casters, she must retrieve the Great Power. But the Great Power has been missing for centuries, and Mia has no idea how to find it.

Now, her best friend, Liam, is missing. He has been taken, and Mia will stop at nothing to get her friend back. With the help of Alex, a sarcastic but extremely attractive companion, she must seek the Great Power. Even so, Mia’s newfound abilities have been affecting her emotions. If she’s not careful, instead of saving the world, she might destroy it.

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ISBN: 9781491703526
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