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Evening Bags and Executions
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Haley Randolph, newly-single fashionista extraordinaire and occasional part-time sleuth, has definitely landed her ticket to ride this time: a job planning events for big-deal Hollywood clients. Everyone likes a party, right? So what could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, quite a lot. Haley's nasty new boss sets her up for disaster by putting her in charge of a hugely complicated Beatles-themed charity bash. Before Haley can say, "Oh! Darling," she's on her way to look at the party's custom yellow submarine cake. . .only to find the baker, Lacy Hobbs, lying in a pool of blood here, there and everywhere!

Of course Detective Madison--Haley's occasional nemesis (though he does have a hunky partner!)--is eyeing her as the murderer, so she'll now be working at least eight days a week to get to the bottom of the mystery. Of course the suspect list leads down a very long and winding road as Lacy had quite a few Tinseltown enemies, including a very unhappy bride--and a rival baker.

It'll take more than a hard day's night for Haley to both hold onto her job and keep herself out of those awful blue prison outfits while tracking down the season's hottest bag: the Enchantress. And though Haley's not one to run for her life, the killer may be much closer than she thinks!

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Evening Bags and Executions - Dorothy Howell

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