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Over the years of my Christian education ministry, in a number of different churches, I have been troubled by the lack of use of spiritual gifts in the church body. To most churches’ credit, they occasionally mention them and acknowledge that they exist, but beyond that, spiritual gifts are the orphans and lepers of the Christian walk. If you were to walk into the average church in America today and ask the first person you met to tell you about their spiritual gifts and how God is using them in their ministry, most likely they couldn’t tell you much.

My interest in spiritual gifts started when I first got involved in discipleship years ago. The goal was to produce and reproduce mature believers that could minister effectively in the power of the Holy Spirit and bring forth fruit. I believe that inevitably, the discipleship process must somehow incorporate the use of the spiritual gifts mentioned in Romans, Corinthians, and Ephesians. The question that everyone struggles with is how?

To this end, I decided to write what I call a transferable teaching manual on spiritual gifts.
Anyone who has studied spiritual gifts has struggled with many of the following issues. Where does the Bible talk about spiritual gifts? What are the specific spiritual gifts I could possibly have? If all the spiritual gifts are not for today, what is the rationale? What is the explanation of each gift, so I can see if I might have it? How can I know I have a spiritual gift? These and many other reasons are a great deal of the reason why very few Christians ever truly identify their spiritual gifts and use them effectively in ministry.

This study also is a guide for believers to review and refresh their use and understanding of spiritual gifts.

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