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How to Tap into Your Divine SPIRIT
Discover Your Divine Purpose in Life by Following Six Easy Steps
What other’s negative thoughts are about you is none of your business. You are designed for success. You are the I AM who beat millions of sperms to your mother’s egg—that takes tremendous purpose. It was no accident; you were destined to be, and the Creator makes no mistakes.
Yesterday is gone; tomorrow will always be a day away. What you have is the gift of today—your NOW; that’s why it is called the present. What are you doing with your present? Your today is waiting for you. Learn how to tap into your divine purpose so you can live in health, wealth, and prosperity. It is your right to be rich, happy, and successful on this planet and leave a rich legacy for your generations to come. You are created by the One who is abundant; He gives abundantly, so don’t be skimpy in your requests. Think big thoughts, dream big dreams, act on your thoughts and dreams, and follow divine guidance; and you will reap the rewards of success in this life and the next.
Follow the six steps in this book and realize your true potential.
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