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Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and he may have been onto something. After all, we can strive to know as much as possible, but that knowledge is limited by the world around us. The imagination, however, is limitless. Imaginative art and creation is also limitless, because new creations spring from the mind every hour of every day—and the creativity of the mind has no end.

In Dreams and Daydreams, award-winning artist Alayne Abrahams shares her boundless creative vision through image and original verse. Spending years in a corporate work environment, Abrahams subdued the artistic voice inside her that strove to imagine and create. Realizing the importance of imagination, though, she knew the voice could not be silenced forever.

Dreams and Daydreams is a testament to the creative inspiration in us all. Abrahams uses whimsical images, matched with interpretive verse, to delve deeper within the meanings behind each image. It is a collection for the consummate dreamer—and the imaginative voice that whispers, or shouts, in the back of your own consciousness. Embrace the art; embrace the importance of imagination.

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ISBN: 9781466924215
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