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Four strangers journey to the Far East, each escaping a bitter past. Drawn together by an ancient prophecy, they climb toward a downed aircraft in the Himalaya, unaware that the plane s cargo will change the world forever...The Tenth Avatar is the ultimate high adventure. Set in the turbulent 1930 s with locations in Europe, Asia, and America, Avatar follows four strangers toward a prophetic battle at the roof of the world. Through its frightening conclusion, Avatar presents a nuclear warning to the 21st Century that remains unheeded.

About the Author
Since retiring from Paramount Pictures, Mr. Naiman has focused his writings on a common theme We re in a deadly race against the forces of evil. Religious hatred, racial prejudice, and ethnic warfare can no longer be tolerated in a world flooded with weapons of mass destruction. Our choice is extinction. If you love high adventure, touchable characters, and a mind-gripping story, please enjoy The Tenth Avatar . . .
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