After a rocky few months, Harry and Sara Harrigan are reunited in their marriage, more in love than before. But Harry has a problem-- his family company, Pattersons Industries, is being threatened by an American corporate predator, Buddy Harrison, who seems to be successfully wooing Harry's two aunts and co-owners of Pattersons.As well, Queensland is being devastated by a severe influenza epidemic and Harry and Sara are moving between Brisbane and their hometown, Elmsford, to look after family members. Harry receives word that Harrison is meeting the aunts to talk business. Harry hasn't received notice of any meeting and is determines to disrupt Harrisons' plans. He resolves to fly to Brisbane the next day but wakes to find Sara with the flu so reluctantly has to leave her. He successfully goads Harrison into an unfortunate remark about Sara and the aunts leave his restaurant table and assure Harry that Pattersons is safe. He speeds to the aerodrome to fly to Sara but is warned that the aircraft he has chartered is overdue for some servicing and there are no others because of the epidemic and staff shortages. He decides to risk it and as he takes off is warned of storms on his route. He avoids them but has to land at Burnsport, a city on the coast, to wait out a belt of storm cells coming his way. There he learns that Sara is seriously ill and he's determined to reach her. He is given clearance to fly to Monaldo, 100 miles west over the Great Dividing Range, and the nearest aerodrome to Elmsford. Well into his flight, however, he hits a storm cell followed by multiple bird-strikes, one nearly blinding him. When he can see again, he is heading for the ground, the plane uncontrollable. He shouts Sara's name as he braces for a crash in a rain-forest near a small river......
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