Gitta loves helping her grandfather in his antique store in the center of old Munich, Germany. When a Stradivarius violin finds its way into the shop, he explains to his granddaughter how precious the instrument is and shows her how wonderful it sounds when it is played. Their quiet time of sharing is interrupted by a beautiful lady, then by two more customers and, finally, by Gitta’s friend Pompom who beckons to her and invites her on one of her games of playing detective.
Gitta is only half willing to follow Pompom on her ‘wild goose chase.’ She has no interest in being a detective, yet Pompom’s adventures often get her in trouble, and Gitta usually tries to talk her out of some wild plan. The two are the best of friends, although they are very different. Gitta is athletic and a good student, whereas Pompom has a vivid imagination and would just as soon skip school altogether.
Pompom is in the process of spying and Gitta joins her which leads to a very unpleasant experience when the would-be suspect catches them. Undeterred, Pompom then talks her friend into pursuing the beautiful lady whom they see leaving the store, just ‘for practice,’ as Pompom puts it. They follow her and see her having coffee with one of the two men who entered the store after her. Pompom finds this peculiar, but Gitta’s mind is not on spying. She wants to go back to the shop because she knows her grandfather counts on her help.
When they return to the antique store, bad news awaits them. The precious Stradivarius has disappeared and a police officer, Inspector Weiss is interviewing Herr Neubauer, Gitta’s grandfather, who is very distressed. Gitta feels upset and guilty because she stayed away playing silly games while her grandfather got into such serious trouble. But Pompom is in her element. Finally she is having a part in a real case.
There are, of course, obstacles to her taking full responsibility for solving the mysterious disappearance of the violin. She knows well from previous experience that her opinions and her keen ‘detective nose’ are usually not taken seriously, not even by her best friend. Nevertheless, Gitta wants to help her grandfather and chooses to believe her when Pompom promises that she will find the solution to the puzzle and swears secrecy as Pompom requests.
Pompom is suspicious of everybody who has come in contact with the violin. One of them, she figures, has to be the thief. She doesn’t even trust the kindly ‘Herr Kadinsky,’ a famous violinist, who tells Herr Neubauer that he has waited a long time for this Stradivarius, and certainly not the beautiful ‘Glove Lady’ or her companion ‘Dapper Dan’ and, above all, not the sinister ‘Gray Man.’ In fact, he is first on her list.
When the ‘Glove Lady’ returns to the shop to pick up a purchase on another day, the two friends follow her again and discover where she lives, in the elegant hotel ‘Vier Jahreszeiten.’ Gitta thinks that she is too beautiful and well-dressed to be a criminal, but Pompom distrusts all that finery and believes the elegant lady is a fake of some kind. And besides, what was she doing having coffee with ‘Dapper Dan’, when she pretended not to know him in the store?
At Pompom’s suggestion, they return to the hotel in disguise and Pompom manages to sneak in while Gitta stays outside to watch for other possible criminals. Just as she is beginning to get bored, she spots the ‘Gray Man’ entering the hotel and now, even she has to agree that there is something fishy about the whole thing. Is her connected with the ‘Glove Lady?”
In the meantime, Pompom has bumped into Herr Kadinsky who is also staying at the ‘VierJahreszeiten’ hotel. She tells Gitta they have been invited by him to enjoy a wonderful tea with pastries, hot chocolate, whipped cream, and all the trimmings. Yet Pompom is still suspicious, especially when Herr Kadinsky asks them to make him a promise. No matter what they find out, he insists, they must let him know before they do something on their
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