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“The 14-Day Spiritual Workout”

Learn how your choices effect your relationship with God

Brian Gaugler was filled with God’s Spirit as a teenager. With God’s blessing he became a National Bench Press Champion and won 6 state powerlifting titles. As a fitness trainer, he had an exciting career, nice home, cars, a wife, and a son. However, the more successful he became the less time and energy he had for God.

Without warning…

Within 72 hours his American dream became a nightmare! He lost his job and his wife left him—taking his son! He fell into bankruptcy and an injury ended his weightlifting career forever.

With no physical or emotional strengths left, he cried out to God for spiritual strength. He followed a simple 14-day spiritual workout to gain victory over these battles and overwhelming circumstances.

Inside you will discover:

A 14-Day Spiritual Workout.

Ø At a young age how you can launch a powerful prayer life and grow into a righteous prayer warrior.

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