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Could these old tired lips of mine be graced with a kiss, a warm moist kiss
interrupted only by a breath to give life to another and yet another?
A kiss delightful! A kiss remembered! A kiss lingering!
Years of marriage, familiarity?
Enjoyment; a smile bestowed upon these lips.
A simple exquisite kiss!

Awaiting Waiting

Why is waiting so aggravating? Why so rude and selfish, so uncooperative?
Isn’t it a pain, a burden bothersome?
Waiting in line while waiting in time, passing your time wasting time?
Waiting so impatiently, slowly extinguishing her patience? Tolerance intolerant?
Wanting to scream?
A voice firm, speaking repeatedly, against all hope that in the business of
their business, in the business of their minds, they will hear and acknowledge
your existence? My time important yet compromised in their eyes? Their time
uncompromised, significant in their lives?
My time, your time non-existent, destroying all hope? Time lingering in
disrepair: broken? Time. An eternity lying in state, lying in wait, waiting for
time, wasting time?
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ISBN: 9781481776400
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