Let’s Make Like Lucan
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Rory Luccombe has had a successful and prosperous life as an airline pilot and businessman . He moves in wealthy circles , and fancies himself as an investment advisor to the rich and powerful . However , prompted by greed , he goes too far and loses vast amounts of other peoples` money . Panicking , he snatches an opportunity to evade arrest and attempts to disappear , but this proves very difficult in the current climate of international security agencies monitoring every electronic transmission . He contrives to fake his death , but his deception fails due to the persistent pursuit by Gil Lamont , an ex-military policeman with aspirations of recovering his lost investment and his reputation as a top-rate detective . Driven by events , he tracks the fugitive from Florida to Paris and on to Scotland , but all his efforts and those of the force4s of Law and Order , fail to bring Luccombe to trial and to prevent his untimely death from an un-expected source .
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ISBN: 9781491877869
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