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A journey that started in Bombay and
explored the south and north of the
wondrous land of India culminated in the
capital, Delhi. Along the way, there were
many small and big moments that will be
embedded in our minds and hearts. From the
lush terrain of Kerala to the barren beauty of
Ladakh, from the Catholic influence in Goa
to the Buddhist Tibetan communities in
Himachal, from the banana-leaf meals of the
south to the butter-laden meals of the north,
from the sixteen-hour train journey to the
stroll on the double-humped camels, from
the suit sellers to the fruit sellers, from the
mosques to the temples, from one city to the
other, from one state to the other, from one
region to the next, we had managed to
experience what many don't in a lifetime.
India has its share of problems: illiteracy,
overpopulation, corruption, crime, and
extreme poverty. Among the chaos and
cacophony, it is hard to find the peace, the
beauty, the bliss, the magic, and the love that
is uniquely Indian. Many are enchanted by
this ancient land and are drawn to its color
and craze. People like you and me explore its
depths and, while doing so, discover a little
bit more about life and how to deal with it a
smile at a time.
Each and every human being has their share
of unique challenges that they face during
their lifetime. Contrary to popular belief,
those that appear content and thankful are
not without their slice of troubles. It is
attitudes and perspectives that turn even
the harshest realities into minor
glitches in the marathon that is life.
India, its people, its customs, and
its quirks have an important
lesson for all. It is a lesson that
one must seek and have a
curiosity for.
The path of existence is not
without its share of treacherous
cliffs and demons, but there is
one truth that makes it exciting
and beautiful, and that is,
“happiness is simple.” And
India and its people are a
breathing, living example of
that truth!
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