The Wind In The Grass
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Some of the words within these pages are for music, and not just the poetry. ‘The Wind In The Grass’ tells of an Elsa, a Jeanne, and mostly, a Barbara. They’re pages in a book, pushed along by an off -shore wind like the tall grass on the ‘true’ cape of Hatteras. There’s a boxer in the 30’s, a killing hurricane at sea, an imaginary French resistance fighter defending white wine. There’s the Viking, Teymor, a lost soul and a lost story before recorded history; and a brave little tugboat at Pearl Harbor.

There are words of loneliness, of wanting and not wanting, and other words, gentle and direct.

‘The Wind In Th e Grass’ is for all of us who understand silence and those of us intimidated by it. Life does get in the way. It’s something we have to understand. As others rush by, it’s up to us to motion to them, beckon and wave. Slow down, we should say...come over here. Let’s sit and read together.

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