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This book is about a spiritual journey that God takes us through in life. Nobody is here by chance; we are all here to serve God’s purpose through our various ministries. Each and every one is being tested according to the needs of his or her ministry that is why we go through different kinds of trials and tribulations in order to strengthen and to refine our ministries. If we call ourselves servants of the most High God then we need to allow to be tested in order for God to be able to use us because God will and has never used an untested product. Through this journey we learn to discover who God really is instead of what other people or the bible tells us; we get to know Him intimately and personally.
We learn not to depend on our own intelligence but on His wisdom as we grow mature spiritually. God will never let go of our hand He will always hold us tight, protects us and strengthen us all the time. We have been given power from above to withstand anything including temptations and sin which we are here to overcome and overpower with the power vested in us by God himself.
God enjoys stepping up at times when all eyes at on you and when everybody expects you to fail or to drawn; He shows up his splendour and majesty and claim his glory though our situations, trials and tribulations. God is bigger than any obstacle that the devil might be throwing at you right now all you need to do is to trust him that He will not let go of you and to trust in his power the same power that resurrected our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.
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