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As war rages overseas, many Americans strive to understand the pain and suffering of the courageous troops, fighting for our freedom. Poet Sarah Patricia Condor is one of these Americans, and she believes it is necessary to tell their story. She has read their letters, heard their stories, and seen their families in pain; but for Condor, the pain is much more personal.

She is a child of the Cold War. Her family members have served in every major conflict in the twentieth century, from World War I to Afghanistan. She has seen the turmoil of the distraught wife, waiting for her soldier to return, and heard stories of the homesick young men, who long to hug their mothers one last time.

Poems of War is a brash recollection of tumultuous days past. It is an ode to the heroes who seek no recognition—the ones who walk by unnoticed and unrecognized. For their sake, Condor has given them a voice in her collection of true war tales. She praises courage, reveres the brave man, and respects faith in what is good. Soldiers are no longer faceless once their stories have been told.

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