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• Brock is a good boy; a teacher-pleaser and a straight-A student—but, unfortunately, a control freak.

• Nanny is very much a lady... with impeccable manners and sees no reason why others should not also conform to a large measure of civility.

• Brock is a smart, autonomous learner; but has missed the very important concept of not having the right to control others... (or passively-aggressively bully them).

• Nanny is committed to young people mastering the art of introspection, self-reflection, and self-correction.

• Brock is happy-go-lucky, confident, never experienced failure... but is quickly traveling down a self-destructive path toward a warped ego... until... Nanny introduces a soft, mooshey 'wake-up' call... a.k.a. 'consequences' to his over-inflated sense of self.

• Nanny has the wisdom of generations and accesses every amelioration possible to solve this family's problems.
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