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The mayority of the human beings go throught the stage decesive of purpose; freedom; call; work; and direction in each one of the lives; stage during which unfortunately many follow their own will; some are overtaken by the responsabilities and the trend; while some others deviate themselves from the perfect will of God the Lord; for their lives; a great number of individuals are conformed to the day to day waiting for what would come. However; exist people in whose internal being is burning the will and the call of God for their lives; people to which God mades a call “Because God is the one that in yourselves produce the want or the will as the doing; for his good will.” (Phil 2:13). Is necessary to respond to God compromising with God to obey to his voice and then God would respond with the accomplishment of his voice; meanwhile of his word which is the will of God with the life of each believer “In what you would offer over my althar corrupted bread. And you said: ¿In what we had dishonored you? In thinking that the table of Jehovah is despreciable.” The time of assuming the service and the call from God is today; God is talking to you and is calling you the time is now. (Rom 13:11).
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