All is well in the magical world until Janelle discovers that an ancient, mysterious jewel known as the Splendiferous has been stolen. The jewel has the unusual capability to transform the holder into whatever physical form they desire, and the magical world is soon in chaos as the holder masquerades as important and potentially dangerous magicals. Before long, the existence of the magical world is threatened by a sinister plot. Can Janelle and her friends uncover the holder's identity and stop the magical world from ruin? Or will the magical world be forced to submit to evil?

It was a cool, still night. The darkness hung like a cloak over the mountains, and time seemed to stand still without any wind to disturb the air. A small figure climbed up the side of the mountain stealthily, not pausing for rest. When it reached a small ledge, it crawled into a cave and disappeared from sight. It was two hours before the figure emerged again, clutching a small leather pouch that seemed to glow periodically. The figure looked around anxiously and then descended the mountain much quicker than it had come up, loping down the steep terrain at full speed, falling over its legs, picking itself up, and then running even faster before it disappeared into the darkness. Moments later, an eerie creature poked its head out of the cave that the figure ran out of, looked around as if looking for something, and then disappeared back inside its lair.

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