Emotions are feelings that we can’t hide. No matter how much
we try we have to express them. Love, Anger, Hate, Joy, Sadness,
Gratefulness, Passion, is just some of the emotions we go through every
hour, minute, second in a day. And we should never hide what we feel.
Let it out. Be you, Do you, and live you.
Emotion is a book of poems describing what the majority of us go
through every day. What we fear, our desires, fi rst love, friendship and
much more. It’s a book that will have you thinking about your feelings.
This book is not only based on my own emotions but also based on
other individual’s feelings.
The expression you have on your face when something delights you
and you can’t put them into words. But you want the entire world to
know what you’re feeling at that moment. Well, I have captured them
and place them into words. The feeling you had when you fi rst fell
in love. What you felt when you got your heartbroken. The time you
spent with family and friends. All of these emotions I have put into
words just for you. I can guarantee that when you open the fi rst page
you will be captured by your own emotions.
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