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Though the defenses of the Royal Force were boosted and Gázim and Aro killed, the growing activity of the UDE forces is now the main concern of the King and the Grand Order of the Viktan Knights. Elderion and his kingdom now face a different challenge from a planet unknown to them. While Elderion seeks out Aro and mysterious Magia signatures on Earth, an immense force of UDE soldiers mobilizes on the outskirts of the Bauron dessert. And what is most troublesome they are not attacking neither Atris or Lopthar on their way. At the same time the Viktan High council is divided and the parliament is left without a chair, powerless waiting for their doom. Seshoma is attacked on a peaceful mission to Orca and Jaylon and a single battalion unravel a mysterious plot deep in the enemy territory Jungle, far out of the reach of any communication. Again Elderion must prove himself before not only Egis but also Earth perish under the jaws of an evil forgotten by time itself.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781465353030
List price: $9.99
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