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Zyla is the vampire queen of New York and the strongest hybrid vampire that has ever existed. She is a new kind of breed, half-vampire, half-werewolf, and half-human. She was created by the vampire elders to fight against the human hunters whom they have been at war with for many centuries. Zyla creates an army of hybrids to take on the hunters who have been destroying all vampires and werewolves. The Black Wolf, who is the pack leader of the wolves discover that Zyla’s venom can make them immortal and he will stop at nothing to get her attention, killing every vampire in sight to find her. When Zyla’s weakness is discovered by the hunters and the wolves, things get rather bloody for all at war as she will do whatever it takes to protect her kind. The vampire elders learn that Zyla is carrying a pureblood child who is said to become the most powerful immortal to ever exist and they want her back safely when she goes missing. Will Zyla be able to protect her kind? Will the werewolves get Zyla’s immortality? Will the hunters find a way to destroy them all? One thing is for sure…things get rather bloody as the hybrids grow thirsty for revenge.
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ISBN: 9781468939002
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