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Make Learning Fun!: Activities to Develop Creativity

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Make Learning Fun! Activities to Develop Creativity is a collection of problems used in the Odyssey of the Mind creative problem-solving competitions. It includes 11 long-term problems and 48 spontaneous problems. It also includes an introductory chapter by problem writer and program founder Dr. Sam Micklus on the problem-development process, and a brief history on how the program began back in 1978.
This book is a great resource for Odyssey of the Mind team members to hone their problem-solving skills. It includes the same type of spontaneous problems that team members are given on the day of competition to test their ability to “think on their feet.”
This book is also a great classroom resource and can be used to teach every type of student. Students do not have to be Odyssey of the Mind participants to benefit from solving the problems in the book. All of the problems are appropriate for use in and outside of the classroom because they appeal to all types of learners and are effective in developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
As the book titles suggests, the Odyssey of the Mind program is meant to make learning fun. Students work together in teams so they form life-long friendships as they learn cooperation and collaboration. Because the problems are open ended, students can integrate their own interests into their solutions. With titles such as History the Way It Was and Bridge the Gap, there is bound to be a problem here that appeals to every student. Problems range in subject matter from the arts, to technology, to the classics.
In addition to teamwork, students are taught to budget their money, because each problem has a cost limit, and also to budget their time, since each problem also has a time limit. There is a “no outside assistance” rule, so students must solve the problems on their own, or seek out learning the skills necessary .

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