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After The Final Rose Has Fallen

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This is a collection of poems. The first, hopeful of the hope of being joined to a woman, to me a being of beauty, kindness, compassion, and above all, love. The following poems are sad, which for me, are the result of a person being deprived of such wonderful things; to me a few of the only wonderful things life has to offer. So, laugh, cry, and cry with me as I take you on a journey. Together, if you read on, we'll experience both the joy of woman, hope, and success, which to me, are all intertwined for a man. Because, as they say, behind every great man is a great woman. We will also journey through the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that result from losing said things that, to me, fulfill a person's life in this life, and give satisfaction and meaning to a person. I hope you enjoy, and remember, reguardless which flower you pick, all flower's will wither and fall in due time. Not that I want it that way, but it is a fact, one that I have lived over and over in my lifetime, and not just in reguard to women, success, love and hope.

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