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There was a wise old man of a thousand years old who traded on the longest road in the Empire. On this road there were small towns that met the river. The trader would sail on the river and on to the sea.
As he travelled he heard whispers about the ancients, what they did, how they lived, and how they saw there extraordinary world.
The trader had taken a great deal of notice of all he heard, he kept a special box and inside he stored all of the secrets and whispers.
Angela was an ordinary ten year old girl when she found the Book of Whispers in her grandfather’s attic, he wasn’t able to tell her how it had got there, it remained a mystery.
There were guardians of the Book of Whispers and they were called the ‘Defenders of the empire’
It was the Defenders who had placed the Book of Whispers in her grandfather’s attic
The Defenders of the Empire were watching Angela, and thought she was a special person.
Now Angela is the new Keeper of the Book of Whispers
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