Like Clockwork: Steampunk Erotica

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Like Clockwork: Steampunk Erotica

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars4.5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 118 pages2 hours


Seven stories of erotic steampunk, exploring worlds of clockwork people and their relationship to their creators. If a mad, or not-so-mad, scientist of the steam age, were to create his or her own being, what desires would be reflected there? Follow up to the best-selling anthology Like A Wisp of Steam.

Like Clockwork includes the stories:

The Yearly Scientifiction Colloquium by Eric Del Carlo
Caged Dragons and Explosions by Helena Weiss
The Succubus by Elizabeth Schechter
Concerning the Ars Mechanica by Michele Poirier
Nightingale by Jason Rubis
The Clockwork Theater at the Midnight Fair by A.N.Cortez
The Beast in the Machine, by Lionel Bramble

Reviews praising the previous collection, Like a Wisp of Steam:
"Bravo to Circlet Press for helping to usher in steampunk erotica for us readers eager for the new and unknown….Readers, you're in for a treat with a lot of variety to satisfy many different tastes." –Obsidian Bookshelf

"This is an enjoyable group of tales that solidly fits the bill as steampunk and erotica….for those who are unfamiliar with steampunk it is a splendid jumping in point. Of course the erotica only adds to the enjoyment." –The Baryon Review

"Readers (such as this reviewer) who were raised on nineteenth-century fantasy literature will love the facsimile versions for grown-ups in this collection. All the writers seem familiar enough with the period to fake it convincingly while including more explicit sex than the authors of the time dared to describe. This e-book would be a good introduction to steampunk for readers who are unfamiliar with it." –Jean Roberta, for TCM Reviews
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