Bridget Davis has been running from an unknown past and an unseen enemy for as long as she can remember. All she knows is what her mother has told her: she is an oracle whose special abilities are about to manifest. But just as she is ready to begin her senior year of college, her mother dies, leaving her in the care of Dr. Cole Weber. Now, as Bridget’s gifts become more pronounced, only Cole knows the truth about their origin.

Bridget feels cursed by the gifts that allow her to shape-shift into the forms of animals and see the past and future. Trusting Cole, however, she is unexpectedly thrust into the supernatural world of Greek gods and goddesses. Cole, it seems, is Eros, god of love, and Bridget is his last living descendant and a hybrid.

Unfortunately, the gods are alien imposters—and Bridget is one of them. Amid visions of blood-soaked battles, vampires, and passionate betrayals, Bridget begins to see that she is the key to mankind’s survival. But just as Cole teaches Bridget about her past, defends her life with the help of Athena, and rekindles their hunger for each other, Bridget finds a love of her own in the arms of another hybrid.

In this fantasy novel, passions roar to life as the dark forces of Greek myth close in, leaving a goddess with no choice but to embrace her warrior heritage—before it is too late.

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ISBN: 9781491704127
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