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Do other superior beings really exist outside of Earth? Of course they do and in this book they are very active all over all over the Universe but not always in a serious way.

The Sramsians, Sunevians and Otulpians are from three identical planets in the same orbit around the same sun in a very old galaxy on the far side of the Universe that has no sides. They come from a Galaxy so old that its name has been forgotten and so is just called “The Oldest Galaxy.”

The “Creator has made them Caretakers, Custodians and the Commissioners of the Universe as the Creator is very busy creating.

This second book in the series centres around an attack from another Universe led by an Alien who had slipped into our Universe aeons before and had created havoc. He had been deported, supposedly back to his own Universe but had been dumped into a different one by mistake. He has been plotting his revenge ever since.

Our Aliens have developed a Space Fighter to end all wars but found that only Humans can utilise it to the full.

This is a story of how one man saved the Universe and returned to tell the tale.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781490701493
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