Graduate School is a memoir about an older person returning to school. It is about new
beginnings, changing a way of living and adventurously pursuing a life passion by
studying philosophy. It is about the struggle to get into graduate school, the challenges of
learning again, the excitement of a fresh start in life and the happiness derived from
studying the ancient philosophy of Stoicism.
This is also a book about higher education in America today written through the lens of
one who had experienced much of life—who has navigated the rough and tumble real
world and entered an academic surreal world. This memoir evaluates controversial topics
like feminism, socialism and liberal academic biases based on experience.
In many ways, academia is an idealistic, make-believe cocoon. This book is also about
those that inhabitant this world. It describes professors with liberal agendas, professors
struggling to inculcate learning and idealistic professors endeavoring to impart
knowledge. It is also about the college students and those who live at the periphery of
Foremost, this book is about ideas. It describes a student’s descent into the philosophies
of free will, determinism, art and morality, theories of the mind, Stoicism and ancient
history. A few redacted papers are included to illustrate the author’s ignorance, issues in
graduate school and difficult ideas and concepts to master. One paper, for example,
compares the decline of Ancient Rome with the decline of America today.
While this book offers insights into many facets of graduate school, the central topic is
how to achieve happiness in life. Some of its most important messages are that it is never
too late to learn, that we compete against ourselves and not others and to always live life
to its fullest, aim further than your reach and live life now because it is all we have.
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