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Have you have ever been to an exclusive Hollywood or New York night club where the only way you could get in is if your name was on the VIP list? And unless you were on the right list you had to wait in a long line. Then the all powerful promoter walks out and scans the line. Everyone try their best to look like they are one of the “In-crowd” as the promoter points and says, “You, you and you … in.”

One of two thoughts may have crossed your mind as you are left standing out in the cold. The first is who does he or she think they are? I’m by far better looking then that one.” Or you may have thought; “Now it must be awesome to be that promoter.” If you’re stuck on the first thought, you have more issues then this article can cover.

I’ve been a club promoter for over 4 years now. I don’t promote at any one club. Why limit yourself? If you promote for one club, you are basically their employee. I’m going to show you how to work your own hours, have fun and for the most part determine your own income.


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Excellent! great article...I have a great full-time job so I don't need to promote full-time but since I am a partier & I want to offer quality events to my guest why not make money from it & so my research started here & I'm glad I came a cross this article. - Pat

Thanks for the info. I have been doing a few show myself, but it is great to get fresh ideas. Check out my events.

this is some great info - it really helped me a lot starting off -Mike, Corrupted and Twisted Productions , head of promotions

Thank you for your advice Tony, I recently got into club promoting myself, and as you mentioned there's not many people out there willing to share how easy this job could be. However, after reading your article, I now have a better idea about how to approach this business. Thanks for your time. Steve
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