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"We identify with the characters even when they're doing something most of us have never done, like flying an airplane."
-- Andrew Grgurich, Marquette (MI) Mining Journal, February 12, 2006

Is it really possible to forget a prejudice ingrained during war?

Does death really close the door to life?

Can a grounded pilot find another way to return to the sky?

Are physical laws the same throughout the universe?

Is aviation mostly intellect or mostly emotion?

Are criminals just as smart as the law-abiding?

Can one man fight back against society's increasing crudeness?

Do space explorers really need a spaceship?

These and many other intriguing questions are explored in Walt Shiel's eclectic short fiction collection, which includes the award-winning "Remember" about a WW II veteran still haunted by memories of violence.

"Pilots and Normal People" presents 21 tales of mystery, science fiction, and humanity (and, yes, six do involve pilots and aviation).
Published: Jacobsville Books (Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC) on
ISBN: 9781934631232
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