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The contents of this book are based upon personal experiences, observations, comments, thoughts, and readings about basketball and how it might be played better.
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Basketball Suggestions - Walt Jitner

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The contents of this book is based upon personal experiences, observations, comments, thoughts, and readings about basketball and how it might be played better.

Each section contains suggestions you may consider to improve your skills and performances and to make the game more enjoyable. The information and suggestions in each section are not to be considered an exhaustive list and they are not always in order of importance.

In the event you have questions, either ask your coach or contact the author.

The use of he and his herein will also mean she, her, or player.

I. Shooting Suggestions

A. Shooting Mechanics

You need to know each of the elements of your shooting mechanics. If not, how will you be able to make corrections when you are shooting inconsistently?

After you understand your mechanics, just relax and simply shoot the ball without thinking – especially don’t wonder whether it will go in or not.

Bend forward from the waist.

Knees cracked, bent at least slightly.

Weight should be centered on your feet.

In a relaxed way, turn your shoulders in very slightly.

Your shooting stance should be without tension in your legs but you still need to have a firm base.

Try holding the ball in closer to your body.

Delicately lower your shooting hand onto the ball so that the ball rests on the fingertips and the lower palm pad. You should see daylight under your fingers.

When you are really relaxed your hands should feel light.

Try having your shooting hand as near as you can to the vertical center of the ball.

At the release, the ball rests on the fingertip pads and the upper palm or the lower palm pad. This will provide excellent control.

At the top of the take up, try to have a slight pause/delay in order to collect.

Everything should move all together on the take up and all together on the release.

Be certain that your knees bend enough forward.

At the start of the shot slightly lower your hips effortlessly.

Fingertips go through the horizontal center of the ball.

Do not force your hand, wrist or arm into a specific position. Use the proper mechanics to arrive in the proper shooting positions.

Try to take ball up in line with the target, flip the ball on the release in line with the target.

The ball rolls on the upper part of the lower palm pad and the ball rests there and then release the ball. The finger tips point at the target on the follow through.

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