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Get Paid to Speak: How I Went From a Poor Utah Teacher to a Rich Speaker in Just 6 Months!

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True Story (email me & I’ll tell you all the details). 6 months ago I was making $20/hour as a poor Utah teacher. Today I’m making $1000/hour and more as a rich (more than just the money) speaker. I’ve learned a lot of things and now I’m going to show you how. And, besides the money, it’s been extremely rewarding to help other people through instruction and inspiration! That’s the rich part!

“Russ Johnson has the breadth of experience and depth of expertise to help anyone succeed on the speaking circuit From understanding how to be found, to finding engagements and creating effective content, Russ can help you turn your speaking dream into a reality.” -Mike Forsyth (Inspired Assemblies)

I will show you what I did to make $1000/hour speaking and training (and how you can deliver killer presentations).

I have compiled a proven system based on my experience as a paid speaker. This system will save you a great deal of time and money as I've mentioned. I have an easy-to-follow process that would help anyone get started in this business.

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